Theory test of driving – UK

Every learner driver must pass through a general test before appearing for the practical test and getting a full UK driving license. The theory test consists of two parts, one is multiple choice questions and the second is the perceptive hazard test. There is different multiple choice type test for the driver of different type of vehicle but the same for hazard perception test. For example, a car driver and a motorcycle driver will get different tests. There are various practice tests for driving test online on which you can practice and prepare. The online test covers all the rules and regulation, and the revision material is valid.


In multiple choice questions, there are questions about standard driving rules and situations with multiple choice questions; the right answer can be one or multiple options. After completing this part of the theory driving test, next is the hazard perception test. This test includes pictures and videos of hazardous situation and will require your answer that what will you do in any of the situations.

For appearing for the tests, there are some steps you have to clear.

• You should be of 17 years old or over to apply for UK theory driving test.
• To book for the car theory test you have to pay £23, you can also pay the fee online.

You have to clear both the parts of the theory test and if you pass the certificate is valid for two years. If you do not clear, you will have to wait for three working days for booking another one. You can only book your test on the official government website.


There is an online site for preparing for the test with the mock test, these tests make you more comfortable with the real test. Generally, in these tests, there will be a need for appropriate action. The test includes the reaction of readiness of the driver for the real world driving and appropriate action. The test consists of the response of readiness of the driver for the real world driving. You have to look for the things while you are taking this test, like

• Any pedestrian who is going to cross the road
• Vehicles taking the turn
• Buses getting away from the bus stop
• Any vehicle with hazard light on
• Cyclists

When you clear the theory test, you will get a certificate which is valid for two years.


There are several sites which provide a practice test for the UK driving test. These mocking tests do not only warm you up for the real test but also gives you information regarding the test which you probably did not know before the mock test. The test simulator for hazard perception test is a great tool which not only helps you in passing the test but also prepares you for real-life situations if anything happens.

Here is a little help to clear the theory driving test:

The UK driving test has different steps to pass through. For the theory test to be cleared, you will have to pass in both multiple choice questions which are different for every type of driver and hazard perception test which is the same for every driver. After clearing the theory test, of which both parts you will have to clear you will go for the real-life driving test.