Theory and Practice of Online Learning

In the past, people only have one option when going to school. It is to go inside a traditional classroom to learn by doing what the teacher says – writing, most of the time. Today, more and more people are turning to online learning. Online learning, also called distance education, means learning by attending a class online. There is still an instructor and classmates, of course; but no real face-to-face interaction.

Advantages of Online Learning

1. Learn Anything – Anywhere, Anytime! With online learning, anyone can learn anything he or she wants to know – whenever, wherever. The flexibility when it comes to schedule and location is the most advantageous thing about this learning style. There is no need to travel for miles just to go to a college or university. This means anyone can still learn even during extreme weather conditions where the roads are not passable.

The fact that learners can choose their own schedule is another great advantage, especially for working students. Students do not need to rush from their workplace to school just to avoid being late. Whatever it is under the sun you want to learn, simply use Google and it will give you search results related to what you typed. From there, you can choose courses offered by prominent universities. Again, because it is distance education, it doesn’t matter if you have chosen a course from a university located abroad.

2. Learn in a More Affordable WayEarn a degree with the course of your dreams in a budget-friendly way, without leaving home. If you live in the outskirts of the city, a traditional education would require you to leave your comfort zone and venture to a completely new place along with complete strangers. To physically study at a university will surely require you to be competitive enough to survive. Not to mention how expensive it is to have a degree.

With online learning, you or your parents do not have to pay a hefty amount of money per semester just to get enrolled. Online learning is versatile enough to let you search for courses that are within your budget. This type of learning also equates to comfort. You can join classes even in pyjamas straight from your bed. And when assignments or tasks get difficult, you can always buy essay at UniTutor or ask them for online help.

The Fuss about Online Learning

There are still quite a few individuals who believe online learning is only for lazy people who are not competitive enough to survive the challenges of university life. If you happen to come across these people and their opinions have somewhat demotivated you, then try to read the book “Theory and Practice of Online Learning”. This amazing book will surely shed light on you into doing the correct thing – and that is pursuing distance education.

About the Book

The “Theory and Practice of Online Learning” is written by Teddy Anderson. He is a professor at the Athabasca University in Canada. The book has a total of four parts with sixteen comprehensive articles providing in-depth knowledge about distance education, specifically online learning. This book is carefully written, detailed, and informative that it even talks about the quality dilemma of online learning.

This book has been edited and the second edition is now available. Original chapters were updated and four new chapters are added.